Our product are marketed under the brand name of Maxons.


The finest Pine Nut (kernels and In shell), produced with the most modern procedures and expertise tailored as per the requirement by region/customer. Our objective is to promote the product with customer satisfaction at highest priority.

Alongside the Pine Nuts/Kernel processed in a factory in Pakistan we also offer a number of seeds and other commodities produced and processed both in India and Pakistan. Check out our products tab on top of the page for details about all the commodities we offer.

Our Products

Our History

Our Family is involved in pine nut business since 1982 with the vision of developing the exports markets of Pakistan/Afghanistan Origin pine nut. Prime incorporation Limited is our company based in UK with the scope to accommodate Europe, Americas and the rest of the world, where we provide stock availability in UK with the ease of door to door delivery, more secure contracts under UK and EU Contract Laws, hence boosting buyer confidence.

We are committed to keep our product according to EU Regulations and we get our products regularly tested for Aflatoxin and analysis done for microbiology, all the results are available on our website under REPORTS.