Corporate Information

Prime Incorporation Limited is a UK based company, our family has been involved in Nuts and Dried fruit production since 1982.

Our vision is to develop the export markets for Pakistan/Afghanistan origin Pine Kernel around the world. We would like to introduce Pakistan Pine Kernel to the world, and create a specific market for this origin’s pine nut.

Having the product available in our UK warehouse and company based in UK, offers our customers to purchase Pakistan pine kernel under UK and EU contract laws, thus giving them peace of mind and much reduced delivery time as oppose to buying from Pakistan based companies.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to provide the best customer service as customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Our production facility is ISO 9001 AND ISO 22000 certified. We are very well connected with growers and have the biggest facility in Pakistan. Hence we are price competitive and can accommodate quality requirements as per international standards.

We are working towards making our facility and service better day by day and to achieve the highest standards